Our Hotel

A few steps from the sea, in the heart of Misano

The Adria Hotel is a modern and cozy, Mediterranean style structure, located in Misano Adriatico extremely close to the center, but in a quiet location, just 150 meters from the beach.

You can spend your summer holiday evenings in our lovely hall with an American Bar and outside in the cozy garden.

Here you can find these services:

Free Wifi
Breakfast / Brunch
American Bar
Air conditioning
Parking *
Reception h24
Bicycles *
*limited availability

Our history

Both from Romagna, my parents had moved to Brianza for work in the mid-1950s and had opened the “Emiliana Restaurant” in Arcore, where they stayed until the early 1970s, when they decided to return to Romagna to become hoteliers.

After the war, my father had been an apprentice waiter for years in several renowned hotels, including the Boemia and the Grand Hotel des Bains in Riccione, the Hotel Majestic in Rome and the Hotel Gallia in Milan. In the years he became a very skilled cook, role he also held in our hotel.

My mother had learned the art of dressmaking from her mother since she was a child but she didn't like it at all. Her dream was to be amidst people and not curl her back hours and hours over a piece of cloth.

Everyone knew her for “la Pupa”, a nickname that her father had given her when, returning home after months spent driving the truck up to the far Africa, he called her “la mia pupina” (my little darling).

La Pupa was much loved by her customers and everyone remembers her, for her friendliness and cheerfulness, her ringing voice, her fire red hair, her makeup and her fashionable clothes. She was perfect in relating to the public, a role usually reserved for men.

And so in 1972 the history of Hotel Adria began and lasted uninterruptedly until 2003, when we made the decision to rent the structure.

For me, those 30 years spent in the hotel are like parentheses of summer lives, exposed to the public, within a larger container represented by my private life.

Those have been intense years full of memories of faces of known people. Who knows where they are and if they remember me, as much as I remember them.

Now after 18 years I am ready to start again, without the support and help of my parents who are no longer alive, but with the collaboration of my family and new, valid assistants.